Employees Fight Back Against Leadership

Leadership Toppled By Inattention To Employee Relationships
Leadership Toppled By Inattention To Employee Relationships

For all of my corporate friends and former colleagues, yes YOU, management, human resources and leadership… if you are not paying acute attention to what is going on for and with your employees, you are going to find yourself in a whole world of hurt! Just take a look at the new app that is going to derail some of your organizations. https://tcrn.ch/2vAotTa

This isn’t about a Human Resources issue, it’s a matter of leadership and whether you’re willing to recognize that the people in your organization control what happens to you as a leader, your legacy, your success, and your organization’s profitability. Your future is entirely in the hands of your employees and you don’t even see it!

Employee relations represent liability, cost, risk and distraction if not handled properly and I would submit to you, out of all of the companies and organizations I’ve worked in and consulted for, leadership is vastly lacking in awareness of the reality of life for employees, not just what happens in their personal and professional life but in the life that exists in the relationship between you and them. The “power over” dynamic inherent in every management-employee relationship necessarily sets up the organization for liability that is often not acknowledged.

I created a model (The Pre-Emptive Strike Model For Leadership) of the path that employees take that inevitably lead them to resent your leadership and result in reactions and responses that can cause significant harm to your leadership and organization. If you can understand “who” is walking in the door when you hire them and how they are likely to behave in the workplace in response to your interactions with them, you are going to circumvent myriad problems that fester over time to such an extent that it can bring down your leadership.

If you want to know more about this model and what you can do about this situation, shoot me a message in the comments for this post.


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