Facebook Ads For Events

Wanted to share this with you for those of you who are struggling with Facebook ads and thinking that they don’t work… most of you know me as The Business Dominatrix and also as a Facebook advertising expert, so here is an example (see below) of a Facebook ad I ran yesterday (August 8, 2018) for an event…

The goal was to drive traffic to the event website for people to register and pay for the event.

One day test results:
1,155 reached
124 clicks on the ad for a 9.49% click thru rate
40 clicks on the link in the ad for a 3.06% click thru rate
$16.66 total ad spend for one day

The way these results were achieved was by having very specific targeting that identified the people on Facebook who were most likely to be interested in this particular event.

Facebook gives you information on every Facebook user based on the actions they take on Facebook so if you have an idea of the type of person who you think would be interested in what you’re selling, whether product or service, you can find them on Facebook and advertise to them.

Just note, the image and message you use in your ad will never be as important as your targeting!

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