Putting Conditions On Our Own Happiness

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Welcome to What’s Your Next Move, the podcast for peak performers who are making things happen but are running into roadblocks that prevent them from getting what they want.

In this episode, we talk with Joie Cheng, author of the book “The Naked Truth: A Woman’s Journey To Self-Love”.

Joie takes us on a journey through the self discovery that changed her life. Her parents divorce at a young age left Joie with a feeling of abandonment that would haunt her into her adult life. The depression and suicidal thoughts that followed, found her in an abusive relationship that lasted into the moment her mother was diagnosed with, and later died from, cancer. The death of her father a few years later brought into sharp focus for her what was missing her entire life, the need to love herself before she would ever find a way to bring love into her life in a way that was rich and fulfilling. Only after this transformation was complete was the able to cast aside the abusive relationship and head down a path that would change her life.

She recounts the journey in her book, The Naked Truth, in vivid and painful detail, emerging like a phoenix from the ashes to become a highly sought after speaker and coach who now brings other peoples’ stories of transformation to the page. A beautiful and rich conversation not to be missed!


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